How do I manage recurrent herpes simplex?

Cold Sores Can Spread By Kissing

  Here are a few articles about managing recurrent herpes simplex outbreaks that may be of interest: – Diagnosis and management of recurrent herpes simplex infections. Siegel MA. Author information   Abstract BACKGROUND: Dentists are frequently asked by patients to diagnose and treat recurrent herpetic infections, which are painful and disfiguring. The author explores the diagnosis … Continue reading

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Cold Sores From Overtraining

Overtraining Stress and COld Sores

Anyone can take things too far occasionally. Sometimes we over eat, sometimes we over celebrate, ans sometimes we over sleep. Chances are we over sleep because our bodies need the extra sleep. If we listen to our bodies we would probably go to bed earlier in the first place, but often we just aren't very good at listening to our … Continue reading

Using Ice on a Cold Sore

using ice on a cold sore

You may have heard or been guided to use ice on a cold sore to help it heal faster. The idea behind this suggestion is that ice can reduce inflammation of the affected area and thereby minimize the size and severity of the sore. This seems to make sense, right? People use ice on injured muscles for a similar reason. … Continue reading

Cold Sores Love Stress

Stressed Out Cold Sore Trigger

One very common trigger for cold sore outbreaks is stress. With the new year underway, many people are working hard to stick with their new year resolutions. While the intent of many is to improve something about themselves or something in their lives, sticking to new year resolutions can be stressful. Cold sores love stress! They thrive in it! Stress … Continue reading

What to Do for a Cold Sore: Light Therapy

what to do for a cold sore

What to do, what to do…what to do for a cold sore? It's a question most people have asked themselves and some have asked others. Most M.D.'s will suggest an antiviral drug such as Valtrex, or an antiviral cream like Zovirax, which can be effective options. An herbalist might suggest an herbal lip cream containing lemon balm, mint, and rhubarb … Continue reading